Why I Was Crazy To Start a Backup Business


When I started out in 2009 most businesses were still using tape to back up their business. My system uses a dedicated appliance to help businesses save their ‘stuff’. It was original, cheaper than tape and it worked. Doing clone / image based backups of every machine in the business. PC’s and servers were back up and running in under an hour.

Then came the ‘cloud’.

I watched the development of the cloud closely. Was this going to be another Y2K? Or were cloud based backups a viable approach for a small business. Early versions of Carbonite and Mozy were clunky and often just failed when trying to restore. So I watched and waited. Eventually it became clear to compete I had to adopt online backup or cloud backups as a product I could sell. I researched many different technologies and finally settled on what is now known as Bitback Cloud.

Do I think cloud based is the best approach? No. I still firmly believe in hybrid backups. A local backup for speed of restore, and a cloud based option for total disaster recovery.

But I never saw what was to happen with the cloud. There are cloud backup companies cropping up daily. Free or very very cheap alternatives are flooding the market. It’s not good. For me or the customer. While getting a good deal is all and well, it means nothing if you can’t get your data back. If your data is not secure, than what have you got?

So today I compete against huge conglomerates who now in 2012 think cloud backups are the place to be.  Offering a cheap product and trying to just get clients not caring how many eventually leave, because they just keep getting more every day.

It’s wrong.

I get to know each and every one of my clients, I know their businesses and their business model. A dentist is much different than a CPA. I’m not going anywhere, and when the dust of lowered expectations settles I’ll still be servicing my clients. They are people I know, not just numbers on a sales sheet.

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