Why I Became a Backup Junkie: Part 2

Part 1 is here

So I’m relaxing in my kitchen with a cup of coffee when my doorbell rings. I open the door, and on my doorstep is my neighbor holding a laptop. “Can you fix it?” She asks. “Sure, let me take a look”. I take it into my kitchen and boot it up, and no drive is found. My neighbor is looking over my shoulder and is visibly upset, sort of hopping from one foot to another. “Why don’t you head home and I’ll run some diagnostics”, she leaves and I get to work.

After two hours, it becomes apparent that this thing is a dead paperweight. The hard drive is toast, and without sending it out for forensic recovery the data is gone. So I bring it over to her and tell her the bad news. She starts to cry, she’s holding it back but the tears are coming. I naturally ask about restoring from the backup –which sets her off even more, because of course there is no backup. Not knowing what else to do and feeling really bad, I offer to replace the drive and reinstall everything (including a backup solution).

In actuality she has lost her photos, her tax information, her email etc…there really is no fixing this.

So this is the second reason I push backups so often. I don’t want anyone else to go through this issue when it is easily avoidable.  Back up your stuff, don’t put it off and don’t think you have no data of value. There are too many companies offering low cost cloud backups for anyone to not keep their stuff protected.

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