What To Look For In An Online Backup

There are many things I believe you need to have in an online backup.

While Carbonite, Mozy and the countless others are decent products they lack the following:

1. Triple Military grade encryption – Files encrypted locally before sending, sent through an encrypted tunnel and finally re-encrypted at rest on the data server.

2. Support that knows your business and knows you. Most companies just want a million customers, and get them with super low prices. Quantity over quality. And support that neither knows you or your particular backup needs.

3. No storage penalties for keeping different versions of the same file – At Bitback we never charge you storage space for the same file that has been changed and re-saved. And we keep those versions forever. So you can get back the original spreadsheet you made 2 years ago. The others delete after 30 days.

4. Tier III & Tier IV data centers – make sure you backup uses them, or your data may be on low-end equipment with little to no security. At Bitback 2 people have access to the data center. How many have access at Google or Carbonite? I don’t know either.

We respect you and truly appreciate your business.

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