What Is Your DLM? (Data Loss Metric)

Disaster Plan

How much downtime can you have before you lose customers, revenue or your entire business?

Think of it this way – if your power went out at your business site, how long before it became really painful to operate your business? Some businesses have customers calling every 15 minutes, and if they can’t pull up their accounts quickly the customer may go somewhere else. For others it’s no big deal, they use mostly paper records. But when is that invoice due? If you can’t check your accounting software how would you find out?

I like to recommend users power down their systems completely and see what happens. You’d be surprised what you haven’t thought of. This is a really good exercise if you are able to do it. It shows us how much we rely on our computer systems for everyday tasks like finding a restaurant, or checking your bank balance.

So – what’s your DLM? I’m guessing you can’t go very long without your laptop or business PC.


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