What is Unlimited Versioning?


The Bitback Box and Bitback Cloud Backup is proud to help keep your data secure, at all times. Once your data is backed up, Bitback believes it should stay in a backed up state. This is why all of our plans – for business and for home – offer unlimited versioning.

What is unlimited versioning and why should I care?

1. The momentary lapse. 

We’ve all had that moment – we accidentally close down an application before we’ve saved what we were working on it. Perhaps you spilled coffee on your keyboard. Accidents like this are what cause most data loss. Which is why having a backup of all versions of your document on an hourly basis is important. Keeping all of those ‘versions’ forever, is also key.

2. Fire up the time machine.

Unfortunately we can’t go back in time, or can we? With Bitback Cloud you can go back to any version or any file at any time. Would you like to know what changes you made to a Word document you created in 2009? Not a problem, because you used a Bitback Box, Bitback Cloud or a hybrid of both and they have unlimited versioning.

3. Compliance

If you run a business, you know that complying with regulations can be a complicated issue between your customers, you, and the government.  Some regulations can involve or even require online backup. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS-70, SSAE-16 or EU Safe harbor just to name a few. Many regulations require truly unlimited versioning to be a part of your company’s data backup process. They require that you can go back to your data at any time, from anywhere – and that you’ll never lose it.

Have questions about unlimited versioning with Bitback Backup?  Click here. Bitback does not limit its versioning capabilities to 30 days, like other companies we won’t mention. All of your backed up file versions are stored safely with Bitback for as long as you like. You are always in charge.


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