What if I spill coffee on my computer, or it falls off the table, or someone runs over it with a truck?

If your computer is physically broken, there are 2 options.

If the PC/Server can be repaired we can restore the entire PC/Server; operating systems, applications etc. to the same or similar hardware. All of your systems will already be in place, making it the easiest new-computer installation ever! In fact, the Systems Imaging technology used by Bitback is the same technique that huge companies use when they get new machines to “clone” all of their existing systems onto them.

If it is different hardware, or a different PC/Server than we can get the data back only (think entire C: drive). This is due to drivers (the software that makes the hardware run) which are different for different hardware. We can always get your files and folders back – you can even view them temporarily on another PC while yours is being fixed. So upgrade to that new shiny PC, and know that your Word docs and Excel files are safe!

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