The Hybrid backup: The Best Of Both Worlds

The hybrid online backup (usually referred to as  hybrid cloud  backup) is a backup method that combines a  local on-site backup with an offsite cloud backup. So if you just need some files back, you use the local to restore. If you had a fire, you rely on the offsite cloud based backup.


Online backups are great, but as I have said before, they are only good for certain instances. Online backups are for when your business site is incapacitated or destroyed in some way. The cloud is also useful for gaining access to your files from the road. Keep in mind that only 1% of data losses are due to a natural disaster, (fires, floods etc.)  So 99% of the time  you need to do a data restore but your business site is unaffected. On-sites are also usually image based – which means you can restore an entire machine, not just your files.


Another example for having an on-site setup: Let’s say over a year you have uploaded 1Tb of financials, inventories, receipts, bank statements, customer lists and some databases. If you have a T-1 internet connection, it will take 1 month to get that data back. If however, you have a local backup, you can get this data back in minutes (not weeks).


A hybrid backup is the best of both worlds. A local backup for data loss without business structural damage; an online backup for the unthinkable, total business damage. For 99% of the time you can recover quickly, for the other 1% of the time your data can be accessed while you rebuild, and then you can start the long restore process.


What are your competitors doing? If they are in the same geographical location, and a hurricane blows through destroying property; you can jump to the top as you keep on trucking without much interruption. Just like Forest Gump when the hurricane destroyed his competitions shrimp boats. Not something we would ever wish for, but something we should be prepared for. And with a hybrid backup you will be.

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