Test Your Disaster Recovery Solution Before You Need It

Backing up is really only 1% of the equation, maybe less. Think about it – the backup runs great, but if you can’t restore your systems in the event of an emergency it’s 99% worthless.

The cloud is a good solution – a great solution is a hybrid plan. What’s a hybrid plan? Let’s say over a year you upload 1 TB of data, not a lot for a growing business. And disaster strikes, Godzilla steps on your server. “No problem” you think – until you realize you have a T-1 for internet bandwidth and it’s going to take ONE MONTH to download it all. (I’m sure your competition will wait while you take a month off.)

I suggest you run this test:

1. Pull the hard drive from your top priority PC or server.
2. Put a new hard drive in and then restore it.

How did it go? If your backup only backs up files like photos & spreadsheets you may be in trouble. You are going to need to restore your Operating System first, did you keep the software? Do you have all of your other software? Do you still have the license keys? How was your email configured? Printers?

Online backups are great for 2 things. Getting data when your building is destroyed and accessing files from the road. For a ‘working’ backup and restore strategy you need a local copy, so you can restore FAST. That’s the whole point. That’s the whole point of a hybrid backup.

Think about it, it could just save your business.


Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to ask for advice at any time!

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