OMG I lost My Wedding Photos!

I peruse the internet for backup stories. New technology, better ways to leverage what we have. Sometimes you run across very sad stories. Like yesterday when I saw a post in a forum about a PC crashing, and the loss of memories that you can NEVER get back.

Did you know that 140,000 hard drives are going to fail this week alone? Good news for hard drive manufacturers, bad news for the rest of us. But like many tragedies this one is also avoidable.

Some statistics I found:

  • 50 percent would rather lose all of their vacation time for an entire year than lose all of the files on their computer.
  • 38 percent of married Americans feel that it would be worse to lose everything on their computer than to lose their wedding ring.
  • 62 percent said they would pay to get back their lost data if their computer crashed, 21 percent said they would pay500, and 27 percent said they would pay as much as they needed to.
  • 34% would give up beer and wine for a year.


And yet these people that were polled more than likely don’t have a solid backup plan. So as much as they are willing to ‘trade’ (see above) they still will not be able to get their baby photos back. So…back up your stuff!


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