No beer for a year?

A PC backup or beer for a year



How important is getting your data back to you? If you are anything like the people surveyed below it’s VERY important. I posted this in a blog last April, but I think it needs repeating. Losing all of your data is an extremely painful thing to go through. But would you give up beer for a year to get it all back?

Here are those statistics I posted before:

• 50 percent would rather lose all of their vacation time for an entire year than lose all of the files on their computer.

• 38 percent of married Americans feel that it would be worse to lose everything on their computer than to lose their wedding ring.

• 62 percent said they would pay to get back their lost data if their computer crashed, 21 percent said they would pay500, and 27 percent said they would pay as much as they needed to.

• 34% would give up beer and wine for a year.

Personally, I would I agree with the above. I’d pay to get my daughter’s baby pictures back. I’d pay to get my wedding photos back. I’d pay to get all of my business accounting data back.

I would not pay to get back my N’Sync albums. If I ummm…had any that is.

What would you give up to get your data back?

Comment below or I’m stealing your beer.

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