Investing In Your Mobile Sales Force

Equiping your mobile sales force

Keep your mobile sales force happy

To stay competitive, having an IT strategy for the mobile salesperson is no longer an option…it is pretty much a business necessity.

Today’s most productive salespeople are on the go, they are not sitting in an office, or a specific location. They are mobile. They work from their car, an office lobby or a hotel room. Your company’s IT department needs to be ready to support them with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to the business information they need. They need to access this information from anywhere, across a wide variety of communication devices. They use their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Some of the nation’s most progressive corporations are seeking to meet the many different needs of their mobile salesforce – without overwhelming their limited IT staff. And here’s some ways they are doing that:

Secure accesses on the go – Salespeople need the ability to securely access information from their remote site. They may need the new sales contract or invoice form during the sales meeting itself. They may need the newest Powerpoint presentation to show the client. They do this by having a way to access the forms they need. Normally it’s from their laptop or tablet, but sometimes they need a more current version. So they use a secure remotely accessible way to get it. Dropbox, Box or Bitback Cloud are some ways to do this, just to name a few.

File Sharing – You’re golfing with a client, or at a business dinner. The client requests some information be sent to them. Your salesperson logs into the company’s backup system and shares the file before they have ordered their food or teed off.

Remote Backups and Restores – When a salesperson relies on their laptops far from the office you need a way to keep the data stored on them safe. Your comanpy should use an online backup to keep data safe and secure on the road. Laptop breaks? Get them a new on and they restore back their files with just  a few mouse clicks – it’s that easy.

Let me know how your company keeps mobile workers happy.

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