Introducing Bitback ServerSave (Shameless Plug)

Bitback is very proud to offer a new line of products to help Businesses keep their precious data safe. Bitback ServerSave.

Bitback ServerSave brings our clients a complete server backup solution. Bitback ServerSave is a complete solution for IT managers – including cloud backup for servers and complete end-point protection for workstations and laptop fleets. In other words, we do an image based backup of your servers: Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Small Business Server.  It’s a bare metal backup and restore. It’s also email backup and restore at the granular level: restore a single message, or 100 mailboxes via a drag and drop interface.

Our goal here is to eliminate pain for IT admins and business owners.  Never worry about getting your systems back, stop wondering how to restore a message via Exchange. Migrate an entire server to new hardware. Migrate your Exchange to better hardware via drag and drop.  Get all of this for around $4 a day; the price of a latte.

In today’s world, we all need to more with less. So in that vein of thought Bitback gives you the ability to upload your images to the cloud using a free tool called Image Upstream.  It’s an end to end solution, workstations, backups and servers.

Thanks for reading.


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