How I Became A Backup Junkie Part 1

Those that know me know I like to back my data up. To those that know me well, they know it’s a bit of an obsession. I have a host of websites I follow that deal explicitly with data storage for both homes and small businesses.  I search my inbox daily looking for new technology that will better help to keep my data safer. Data protection is something I worry about. But how did I get this way? Three main reasons really. I’ll tell the first story in this, my first blog article.

It was my first real IT job. And I wanted to do everything perfectly. This was back in 1995, and the only viable option for us was to use tape backup. I would monitor it, make sure it ran correctly and if it didn’t I would shut down our network and back everything up. Than the unthinkable happened, our server which ran the entire company went down. After 1 day of troubleshooting, we had the hardware fixed and we started to restore from tape. The server crashed during the backup, so we had already lost a full day’s worth of work. Then as we watched the tape drive, actual tape came spewing out of the front! We immediately unplugged the tape drive, and began pulling yards of crumpled tape out of the drive as the owners looked on. Now there was two days’ worth of data gone.

During those two days, it was estimated we had entered over 400 invoices, made 200 plus payments in our accounts payable, entered in countless orders – linked to now defunct PO’s…it was a nightmare. We spent the next week painstakingly trying to recreate the chain. The orders had to be redone exactly as they were 3 days ago, so that the PO’s matched, so when we were paid the invoice would have the correct PO numbers.  We spent the next 6-9 months sorting it all out. We never figured it all out.

After that I spent the rest of my IT career worrying that something like that would happen again. I became so involved in backing data up and restoring that data, that starting a company to help other companies became a natural progression. And so here I am.

My name is Dave and I am a backup junkie.

I’ll talk about the other reasons I became a backup junkie in later posts. In the meantime, enjoy the site, and as always ask for free advice!


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