Hackers Now Target Small, Mid-sized Businesses: Solution Is to Use Online Backups

Save data with online Backup

Small and medium-sized businesses are becoming easy targets for hackers. According to local information security experts, data breaches are on the rise at smaller organizations. It sort of makes sense – most small businesses don’t have the expertise or budget to protect themselves.


All companies that do business online are targets for cyber-criminals. Regardless of their size, businesses need web security and technology experts on staff, but this is pretty impractical. The solution – outsource IT tasks. Need router help, hire a Cisco or Sonicwall expert. Need data retention and protection hire a managed service provider that does online or hybrid backups.

“The hacker community is smart. They have realized that this group of small and medium-sized businesses doesn’t have the capabilities that some of the larger organizations have and they become very easy targets,” said Vikram Sethi, director of the Wright State Institute of Defense Studies and Education.

The average U.S. data breach last year cost companies $194 per compromised record, according to the 2011 Cost of a Data Breach Study: United States released by the Poneman Institute, a Michigan-based privacy research center.

The total cost of a data breach for a small company can range from $25,000 to more than $250,000, these number do not  include federal regulatory fines. Most small companies are considered easy picking, and they eventually will get targeted.

Smaller organizations can take steps to protect themselves by:

–      Using anti-virus software

–      Using anti-spyware and anti-malware

–      Implementing a firewall

–      Backing up their data to a secure off site location.

In all cases the cost for a company to recover from a data breach is more than likely greater than the cost of protecting their information in the first place. And they will have a recovery plan in place.

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