I have dedicated quite a lot of time on data backups (as you can probably tell by now).

But one thing I haven’t talked about is time itself. Many of you are starting or currently running a small business, whether it’s a nice office or your spare bedroom. How much time do you spend on things not business related? Things that do nothing to get a new client, or promote yourself in some way? Marketing, accounting and maybe even your computers. Every minute you spend fixing a PC, is a minute not spent making a phone call or trying to helping an existing client. 

Here’s my time formula:

What’s my time worth (multiplied by) the time needed on a certain project = cost of time.

For example I can work on a plumbing project for 10 hours, my time to me is worth $25 an hour. So that plumbing project is $250. If I can hire a plumber to do it for $250 – I hire the plumber, it’s a no-brainer. That’s my philosophy and it may not be yours. There is a trade-off that I must do – I have to spend 10 hours doing something to help my business grow. It might be calling someone to help them with free advice, contacting a local business to see if we can mutually benefit each other or working on improving my technology. 

And this is what I try to let anyone interested in my products know. Because let’s face it, backing up your stuff is seen as a no-brainer to most. They can and usually do handle it themselves. So I show them the math and let them make the decision. 1 broken PC, monitoring of their network and verifying backups are working can equal 15-20 hours a month. Multiply that by $10 an hour – and my service is taken care of. (This doesn’t even include the possible employee down-time.)

So think about your situation and see if maybe outsourcing some things makes good economic sense. I can certainly think of a few. “Fugeddaboutit” – delegate some of the non-business stuff and focus on growing.

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