How much does it cost?
A lot less than you’d think. Depending on a few factors such as amount of storage and your choice of a support plan. (Support not required).
Around $3-$5 a day (or a cup of coffee). We believe it’s the lowest automated backup option anywhere. You can review our pricing here.

I already have a backup in place, why do I need this?
Technically you don’t. But redundancy should be your favorite word – especially when your main backup also fails. Our plans our around $100 a month, your data is worth 100 times that.

Shouldn’t you feel confident it is being backed up?
Plus, this is completely automated, so you won’t ever have to think about it once it is in place.
It also can notify you if your having network or device issues – does your current backup do that?

I already have an IT consultant/ IT department – why do I need support from Bitback?
You don’t. It’s not required. But we think for $100 or so a month, it’s worth it to have your data fully supported and your backups, network and computers real-time monitored. Plus your IT support can better spend their time doing other things. We offer training if you wish. And we sell the appliance as a stand alone purchase. It’s all up to you.

How many of these have you installed?
We have installed this device over 100 times.

Do you back up ‘XYZ’ software? 
Our device backs up at the byte level – it is not concerned with the operating system, or what specific applications you are running.

We recommend using the software’s own backup first, than we back up those files as well as the entre PC/server. So, as long as the software backup is functioning properly, we will be backing up good files.

If you have a particular software you are worried about, we can discuss it. We’ll let you know up front how we would handle it.

What happens when we lose a file?
If you have support, we will restore your files and data and get you back on your way. Without support you can restore the file yourself through the applications interface.

What happens when a PC crashes, or a server crashes?
If your computer is physically broken, there are 2 options.

If the PC/Server can be repaired we can restore the entire PC/Server; operating systems, applications etc. to the same or similar hardware. All of your systems will already be in place, making it the easiest new computer installation ever! In fact, the Systems Imaging technology used by Bitback is the same technique that huge companies use when they get new machines to “clone” all of their existing systems onto them.

If it is different hardware, or a different PC/Server than we can get the data back only (think entire C: drive). This is due to drivers (the software that makes the hardware run) which are different for different hardware. We can always get your files and folders back – you can even view them temporarily on another PC while yours is being fixed. So upgrade to that new shiny PC, and know that your Word docs and Excel files are safe!

We have a Virus/Malware/Spyware!
We can help you get rid of that, and/or restore your data from a time before you got infected. It’s called ‘versioning’ and it’s very cool.

Is it secure?
Since the aplliance is ‘headless’ (no monitor, keyboard, or mouse), we suggest placing it in a secure physical location. The data can only be accessed by users that are determined by you. The data is encrypted and only be opened by the appliance it is stored on – which requires passwords to access. The raw data would be useless to a thief.

Does your appliance use RAID?
Absolutely not. The “BitBack box” utilizes a technology called Drive Extender, which duplicates data over two or more drives. If you need more storage, simply add any size drive to the ‘pool’ (even a USB drive), there is no need to recreate the RAID. And you don’t lose 30% of your storage space to RAID overhead.

How often does it backup?
The default is once a day, usually at night when the network has less traffic. We can set it to backup at any time you wish.  You can also manually back up with 2 clicks. (A note here: the machine being backed up needs to be powered on.)

Offsite backup available?
Absolutely.  Please visit our new website Bitbackcloud.com for more details on our very cost effective cloud backup.

Why is this better than other online backups like Mozy?
Several reasons:
1. Price – Online backups can be extremely expensive. For only 1TB Mozy would charge $4-$5 + .50 per GB. That would be roughly $505.00 per month! 
2. Security – We offer TRIPLE encryption, and our online backups ar HIPAA, SOX and SAS 70 compliant. NOBODY else is. Why is that?
3. Bandwidth – Our online backup has proven to upload up to 66% faster than Mozy.
4. Versions – Bitback Cloud keeps versions of your files FOREVER. Moxy and Carbonite keep them for only 30 days. Bitback also doesn’t count versions towards your storage space.
5. Archiving – If you delete a file on your PC, Mozy and Carbonite will delete that file from your backup. Which makes no sense. Bitback Cloud only deletes an online file if specifically tell it to. And we keep them forever.

How long does it take to get the Bitback Box set up?
From ordering to ‘up and running’ usually takes 7-10 business days depending on our work schedule. If this is an emergency we can possibly expedite the process. Our cloud option takes only minutes!!