Don’t Use a Backup Solution That Uses the Word Cheap

Do I really need to explain this? (Guess so, because I’m about too.)

So let’s say you need to back up your PC, laptop, server or whatever. And you’re using “the Google” and the first page of your search lists the following:

“Cheapest Online Backup”

“Lowest cost back up guarantee”

“Free cloud based storage”

On the surface they sound great. I mean who doesn’t like cheap or free? For example: “Cheapest Heart Transplant” or “Lowest cost Airbags: We get them cheap and pass the savings on to you!” Seriously though, some things you don’t want to be cheap. Is your onsite backup or your cloud backup something you really want to farm out to the lowest bidder? Especially when you need support – have they also farmed that out based on cost?

And if they offer it low cost, how much research and development do they put into the product? Sounds to me like they just want to sign up millions of people, and if they lose 20% based on a bad product or bad service; so be it. My advice would be to go with a company that invests in its product and its support. As always its buyer beware.

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