Do You Understand the Importance of Backing Up Your Small Business Data?

By now you have heard horror stories about small business data being lost or corrupted, but half of small businesses have no plan to save their data. If your business uses a computer; you need to back it up. Why? Isn’t all of my information on my hard drive? If your entire computer is destroyed in a disaster, that hard drive will be gone as well. Should be common senses, but many forget this premise.

You need to know where your information is kept. If it is on your hard drive in your computer, that’s really not good enough. After a disaster (flood, power surge, fire etc..) it’s gone forever.

The best data backup for a small business is either on a dedicated backu up appliance, in the ‘cloud’ or both. Online backups are so inexpensive these days, there is no reason not to do it. You can back up an entire business online for $25 a month – and every business can afford that.

Think about how you would work without a computer. Can you do it? Maybe if you were a plumber or construction worker you could do it for a day or two. But eventually you will need your customer list. Eventually you will need your invoices printed and emailed. Sooner or later you’re going to want to check your accounts receivable. Make sense?

With an online backup – all you need is another computer or laptop. You restore the data form the cloud and off you go. With onsite backup – you backup an entire image of your machine. Buy another PC, restore the image and you have everything back without having to reinstall all of your applications, set up email, printers or devices. It’s the same machine, just different hardware.

If you choose an online backup (we recommend a hybrid of both onsite and offsite) – make sure:

  • They encrypt the data BEFORE sending over the internet.
  • Make sure the data is stored in separate geographic areas.
  • Make sure it is certified to work with your business (HIPPA, SAS-70, EU-Safe Harbor)


Bottom line is if you own a business, you need to keep your data safe.


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