Case Study: Online Backup for a Local Dentist


Let’s say you’re a Dentist (or any medical field really) and you have business data;  X-rays, patient records, invoicing, insurance forms etc. How do you back it up and keep it safe? How do you back it up and still comply with that nasty ole HIPPA? It’s easy – find an online backup solution (or hybrid onsite-offsite solution) that is HIPPA compliant.

See? It’s easy.

There are some HIPAA requirements that need to be taken into account.

1.  The data must be stored offsite in the cloud, or another location owned by you; which can be expensive.

2.  It must be secure and use certain methods to maintain the integrity of the data.

3.  ANY business associates that a Dentist may interact with – that may have access to even (1) one patient record, needs to be HIPAA compliant.

At Bitback we were presented with this problem and we took it seriously.  We first met with the dental practice and reviewed the data they had, and the data of their business associates. Some associates were HIPAA compliant, others not.  Those that were stayed a partner, the others either complied or were ‘fired’.  Since Bitback is HIPPA compliant, storing the data was not an issue. What we needed to determine was what actually needed to be stored offsite. The less we stored, the less cost to the Dentist. We gave a thorough review of the data and came up with a plan that we could all agree on.  Which was good because the backup in place was an external hard drive plugged into 1 PC in the office.  If that hard drive died, the backups were gone. If there was a total disaster and the office itself was destroyed – everything was gone.

Patient names and addresses, what was owed to the dental practice, insurance claims in process, email; you get the picture.

Now the Dentist can sleep soundly knowing his data is safe. He receives a daily report, all the machines are backed up under 1 account. He can even access it when he’s on the golf course.


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