Can Your Business and it’s Backup Plan Survive a Hurricane?

Protect Your Business Data From Hurricanes

All was sunny on that nice September day…until the weather turned and the hurricane hit. A category three hurricane hit the city, killing power, damaging roofs and causing flooding. It was at this point, that one company discovered that its backup plan was inadequate against a total loss of the structure and the company lost critical financial data, IP, customer records, etc. The company tried to get back to normal, but 1 year later they were still struggling to keep their head above water (no pun intended)


This is obviously a worst case scenario, but the story shows the importance of being and staying prepared for a hurricane (or other disaster), because you never know when a bad storm or fire or flood may occur. And, with this year’s hurricane forecast  predicting 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two category-three hurricanes or higher, businesses need to feel confident that they know where their critical data is backed up and how to recover it.  According to the Ponemon Institute, nearly 50 percent of the 600 U.S. companies surveyed still fear substantial downtime in the event of a disaster. Are you one of them?

Even Virtual Machines Need Love

After a disaster, having a backup and recovery solution that only protects physical IT environments isn’t enough. It’s important to have a backup solution and plan that addresses all types of environments, including virtualization. A natural disaster such as a hurricane does not care if your servers are physical or virtual. And neither should your backup plan.

Off To the Cloud We Go

To save your physical business location data – move it somewhere else.  Seems like a simple solution, but many companies are still not protecting themselves in a different geographic location. So get an account with a cloud provider you trust and work on moving everything (as a backup) to the cloud. Online cloud backup providers are not all the same – find one that gets to know you and your business, contact them and meet first.  See if it is a good fit. Don’t just pick the cheapest one, google reviews, crashes, hacks, etc.

Sometimes Nature Bytes

“Nobody fools with Mother Nature” as the saying goes. Take it to heart and back up your stuff.

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