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What if backing up means letting someone see our top-secret salad dressing recipes?

One of the biggest advantages of Bitback is that your privacy is totally secure. Unlike with “cloud” backup systems, your data isnʼt just floating out there on the Internet — nobody outside of your office can “hack into” or otherwise access the data on your Bitback box without your knowledge. Other data recovery companies will store your data on their own servers, which has its own privacy concerns, but when you use Bitback, even your Bitback technician doesnʼt see or interact with your data itself unless you give explicit permission in the event of a crash. All the control is in your hands, so you never have to worry about your secure information.

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What if I realize that last week I accidentally deleted our top clientʼs account… and Iʼve already saved the changes?

With a lot of backup strategies, that would be a problem, because the backed-up copy reflects all the changes that youʼve made to your files. But Bitback uses a technique called “versioning,” which does exactly what it sounds like — it saves a new “version” of your whole system every night, and holds onto older “versions” from up to a year ago. This makes it easy to retrieve data that you may have accidentally deleted or changed through simple human error.

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What if I spill coffee on my computer, or it falls off the table, or someone runs over it with a truck?

If your computer is physically broken, there are 2 options.

If the PC/Server can be repaired we can restore the entire PC/Server; operating systems, applications etc. to the same or similar hardware. All of your systems will already be in place, making it the easiest new-computer installation ever! In fact, the Systems Imaging technology used by Bitback is the same technique that huge companies use when they get new machines to “clone” all of their existing systems onto them.

If it is different hardware, or a different PC/Server than we can get the data back only (think entire C: drive). This is due to drivers (the software that makes the hardware run) which are different for different hardware. We can always get your files and folders back – you can even view them temporarily on another PC while yours is being fixed. So upgrade to that new shiny PC, and know that your Word docs and Excel files are safe!

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What if I read an email from a deposed Nigerian prince, and suddenly all my files are corrupted and the computer canʼt read them?

Sometimes file corruption from a virus or other problem can make it more difficult to “read” data, which can be a problem for some data recovery techniques. Luckily, our Systems Imaging is specially equipped to handle just such situations. By recreating a detailed image of the whole structure of your system, the Bitback Box can easily work around any readability issues created by file corruption. No matter how bad a crash it is, we can still retrieve your data intact.

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What if we get a virus, and one of our computers crashes and we lose all our information?

With Bitback, itʼs not a problem. When your Bitback box is installed, it will back up everything on all of your PCs/Servers every night. When a PC/Server failure occurs, the system notifies us at Bitback HQ, and we get to work on restoring your data right away — often before you even notice that thereʼs a problem. And with ‘versioning’, we can restore to a point in time before you got the virus!

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