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Test Your Disaster Recovery Solution Before You Need It

Backing up is really only 1% of the equation, maybe less. Think about it – the backup runs great, but if you can’t restore your systems in the event of an emergency it’s 99% worthless.

The cloud is a good solution – a great solution is a hybrid plan. What’s a hybrid plan? Let’s say over a year you upload 1 TB of data, not a lot for a growing business. And disaster strikes, Godzilla steps on your server. “No problem” you think – until you realize you have a T-1 for internet bandwidth and it’s going to take ONE MONTH to download it all. (I’m sure your competition will wait while you take a month off.)

I suggest you run this test:

1. Pull the hard drive from your top priority PC or server.
2. Put a new hard drive in and then restore it.

How did it go? If your backup only backs up files like photos & spreadsheets you may be in trouble. You are going to need to restore your Operating System first, did you keep the software? Do you have all of your other software? Do you still have the license keys? How was your email configured? Printers?

Online backups are great for 2 things. Getting data when your building is destroyed and accessing files from the road. For a ‘working’ backup and restore strategy you need a local copy, so you can restore FAST. That’s the whole point. That’s the whole point of a hybrid backup.

Think about it, it could just save your business.


Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to ask for advice at any time!

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Our new online backup screenshot – sneak peek!



We have been working on the online Cloud backup side for weeks and weeks now. We are getting ready to roll out Bitback Cloud, and we believe it’s the best online backup strategy out there. Period.

Some ways the Bitback Cloud way is best:

  • Unlimited versions of your files with no storage penalties. Unlike others who keep versions for 30 days.
  • Delete a file on your device; it doesn’t delete it from the cloud. Others delete it immediately, what’s the point of that?
  • Access from any device with a browser.
  • Each account comes with unlimited devices, all under one account, not a different account for each like all the others (we’re talking to you Carbonite).
  • Manage from a central portal. Deploy, update and uninstall from one interface.
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

These are just a fraction of our advantages!

Here’s a sneak peek screenshot:


Bitback Cloud Screenshot

Bitback Cloud Screenshot









Did we mention some others think our backup is pretty cool as well??

Bitback Cloud Awards

Bitback Cloud Awards




Check it out today!!

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Backup: Do You know What You Are Doing?

It’s a serious question. When it comes to data safety, do you know what you are doing? How do you know? Have you tested your strategy? If so, you’d be in a very small minority. Most people don’t test their backup strategy until they need it in real life.

Let’s say you back up your email. If you have Outlook, you back up the .pst file. So after you’ve rebuilt your PC (140,000 will fail this week) – how do you get that mail back into Outlook? (Here’s how in case you wondered), here’s another way. It’s not that straightforward.

Let’s say you use some branded software to run your business. It tracks everything and puts it in a database file that sits on your PC. The PC crashes. Do you still have that original software to re-install? Do you have the license key? Do you know how to import the database?

All of these things take time. Time not spent answering the phone, helping a customer or just relaxing with the family. Hire someone to do this for you, just like you would a plumber or an electrician (if you don’t happen to be one). Ask questions, they should answer for free and be happy to do so. They should also ask you many questions before they even bring up money or sales. How can they know if their service is good for you, until they know more about what you do and how you do it? They can’t.

If you don’t have a backup strategy; get one. If you do have a backup strategy; test it.  If you need help ask for it. I always give free advice. Thanks for listening!


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The Cloud: Will it save your business?

The Cloud: Will it save your business?

It seems I can’t go 5 minutes on Google without seeing “The Cloud will solve everything!” It’s kind of annoying really. It reminds me of: “Y2K will destroy everything!” – remember how that turned out? For me it was spending New Year’s Eve at the office waiting for the end of the world. It was kind of a letdown when it didn’t happen.

This time I am happy to report the hype is different. The Cloud is a revolution, and it is changing the way people do business. Get on board or get left behind. It’s not a new concept. IT people have been saving data to remote storage for decades. Businesses were using remote mainframes for business calculations back in the 70’s. So why is this different? Because we are all becoming more and more connected. Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a sample of cloud sites that connect us at lightning speed.

I have had many clients ask about the cloud; what is it? Where can I buy it? Is it fluffy? The answer varies on “it’s an offsite area where you can store and access your data from almost anywhere”. Imagine logging in to a secure site on the internet, and pulling down that sales presentation, that marketing video or a price sheet, all from your iPad or laptop.

The cloud as a data storage device allows you to be 99% mobile. We’ll still need printers, and a place to meet clients or perhaps you have a physical location for selling your wares. The cloud is a boon for those working out of their homes, or having a ‘virtual’ company. It is very constructive to have all of your documents in the palm of your hand, literally.

Can the cloud ‘save’ your business? It certainly depends on your situation. If your office burns down, than yes, it can. 60% of businesses fail after a major loss of date, chew on that. Don’t believe me? Don’t use any computers or the internet for 3 days; see how that works out for you. In more practical terms it can help you keep in touch with your company and clients, even from the golf course. For the medical profession, a HIPAA compliant cloud is a regulatory reality and they are legally bound to have an offsite, accessible storage area. So I’d have to say ‘yes’ the cloud can (and quite possibly will) save your business.



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How I Became A Backup Junkie Part 1

Those that know me know I like to back my data up. To those that know me well, they know it’s a bit of an obsession. I have a host of websites I follow that deal explicitly with data storage for both homes and small businesses.  I search my inbox daily looking for new technology that will better help to keep my data safer. Data protection is something I worry about. But how did I get this way? Three main reasons really. I’ll tell the first story in this, my first blog article.

It was my first real IT job. And I wanted to do everything perfectly. This was back in 1995, and the only viable option for us was to use tape backup. I would monitor it, make sure it ran correctly and if it didn’t I would shut down our network and back everything up. Than the unthinkable happened, our server which ran the entire company went down. After 1 day of troubleshooting, we had the hardware fixed and we started to restore from tape. The server crashed during the backup, so we had already lost a full day’s worth of work. Then as we watched the tape drive, actual tape came spewing out of the front! We immediately unplugged the tape drive, and began pulling yards of crumpled tape out of the drive as the owners looked on. Now there was two days’ worth of data gone.

During those two days, it was estimated we had entered over 400 invoices, made 200 plus payments in our accounts payable, entered in countless orders – linked to now defunct PO’s…it was a nightmare. We spent the next week painstakingly trying to recreate the chain. The orders had to be redone exactly as they were 3 days ago, so that the PO’s matched, so when we were paid the invoice would have the correct PO numbers.  We spent the next 6-9 months sorting it all out. We never figured it all out.

After that I spent the rest of my IT career worrying that something like that would happen again. I became so involved in backing data up and restoring that data, that starting a company to help other companies became a natural progression. And so here I am.

My name is Dave and I am a backup junkie.

I’ll talk about the other reasons I became a backup junkie in later posts. In the meantime, enjoy the site, and as always ask for free advice!


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D. McMillan

Bitback came in and we discussed the best strategy for backing up. I went with the 1TB box, I have a lot of accounting data and I keep many copies. The install went very smooth for 4 machines. I have only had a Word file restored – luckily. They were very quick and did it from their office – no interruptions. Great product!

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What if my Bitback box gives up the ghost?

We monitor the health of the Bitback Box 24/7, so itʼs highly unlikely that it will have an
unexpected issue. Still, you wouldnʼt need emergency backup at all if it werenʼt for good
old Murphyʼs Law. So in the event that the box itself fails, youʼll still have all of your data
on your PCs and servers — thatʼs why itʼs called ʻredundant storage.ʼ And the box is
guaranteed, so weʼll come into your business again and set up a new device, for free
with paid support.

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‘RTP Pharmaceutical Company’ RTP NC

They actually listened to what I wanted, and created a backup plan around my specific needs. Very refreshing.

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T. Allen Apex NC

Bitback restored my PC in under 40 minutes, I didn’t even get to finish lunch!

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What if something terrible happens to Bitback itself?

Thanks for your concern! Well, we plan to stay in business for a good, long time. But so do all companies, and some recovery companies have still gone out of business, leaving clients in a vulnerable position, since the company was “holding” all of their data for them. With Bitback, even if the unthinkable happens and one day we go bankrupt, or a tsunami hits our offices, or the Russian Mafia forces us out of the business, you have nothing to worry about, because you own your own backup device and all of your data is in your own hands. So donʼt worry about us. And donʼt worry about you, either. No, really. Donʼt worry. Just focus on doing what you do best and making your business awesome.

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