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Bitback is proud to announce we are an HP Partner

We are pleased to be partnered with a premier company such as HP. They make very quality products and have a great reputation in the marketplace. We love the HP Proliant Microserver and use it for our backup clients. It’s small form factor yet powerful hardware are an asset to our daily business.

Thanks HP!

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Bitback – Perfecting the Hybrid Backup Since 2009

Many backup companies today are missing the point of a backup. The point is we need our backups safe but we also need to restore said backups quickly. If we put everything on-site we get it back in a timely fashion, but lose it all in a fire (or other natural disaster). If we backup everything online we are safe from the fire, but it may take 4 days to download our Exchange database. So the answer to this dilemma is the Hybrid Backup.

The hybrid does both of the above – images of all systems are kept local (and all the files they contain) for ease of restore. Is your PC down? Well, with an image based backup it’s restored in under an hour. Critical files are stored in an online / cloud backup situation for the 3% of the time that your data is lost due to a disaster flattening your building. Files online can also be accessed, shared and restored from anywhere.

Does it cost more? Maybe.  Some backup services allow a local backup and a cloud based backup to be created from the same piece of software, so the price is the same as just an online option. An image based backup, usually requires a local storage area to store those large system image files. You can utilize a local PC or server, or you can purchase an appliance (with some sort of RAID implemented for safety) to handle the job.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Your data is your most valuable asset, so keep it safe however you have to. The hybrid backup is one of the safest ways there is.


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Bitback’s Online and On-Site Backup Solutions for You and/or Your Business Part 2


So if you read my earlier post about online/cloud/offsite backups you’re ready for part 2: The Onsite Backup.

I told you in that earlier post about the main reasons we lose our data.

  • Drive Failures (38 %)
  • Drive Read Instability (30 %)
  • Software Issues (13 %)
  • User Error (12 %)
  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, Flooding, Fire, etc. (7%)

And you’ll notice that only 7% would actually require your data to be somewhere else. For the top 4 reasons, it would be perfectly fine to keep your data in-house. In fact it would be better – speed of recovery. Imagine you had a 125GB video file that you need to restore.  If it is on a server locally, it should take 5 minutes to restore. If it’s in the cloud, it may take 30 minutes or more just to download. See the difference? And if it’s data for a customer or client, faster recovery is always better.

Another benefit to onsite restores is that you can use one of the many image based backup solutions that are available. What image based solutions do is back up the entire PC, so that if the whole hard drive goes bad, restoring is as simple as replacing the drive and restoring the whole system in under 30 minutes. The alternative can take days or hours; you have to reinstall Windows, reinstall all of your programs (you have the software still right?), manually restore data files, manually try and get all of your emails back…see where I’m going with this? Yep, onsite is a good backup plan. Offsite is for the unforeseeable disaster that wipes out your physical location (or a real need for data access from the road).

Some things to remember about backups:

  • Onsite for a speedy recovery
  • Onsite for image based backups (and speedy recovery)
  • Offsite for really bad disasters (or remote data access)
  • Both of the above is better (The Hybrid Backup)

Thanks for reading,




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Bitback’s Online and On-Site Backup Solutions for You and/or Your Business

Bitback’s Online and On-Site Backup Solutions for You and Your Business

Looking at your business asset’s – is there one you cannot afford to lose? Own a Pizza restaurant, it may be your pizza oven. An Accountant might say his spreadsheet software. A Dentist might say his dental tools. Did anybody say their data? How long could you survive without your main computer? If your building lost power, could you operate? Having a downed server is really the same thing.


Why companies lose their data:

  • Drive Failures (38 %)
  • Drive Read Instability (30 %)
  • Software Issues (13 %)
  • User Error (12 %)
  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, Flooding, Fire, etc. (7%)

Whether we want to or not we accumulate a large amount of data in the form of documents, photographs, videos, emails and other data that are important to us. Most data can be lost without a problem, while other stuff (wedding photo’s, tax returns) is irreplaceable. Your business data as well as personal financial documents often stay stored on our computers for years while we believe we have a good backup in place. Having this data available at a moment’s notice is an important part of doing business.


“If a Tornado took out your home or business, could you get your data back?”


Online/Cloud backup solutions are becoming more and more popular as a safe, secure, and effective way to protect your data away from your home or business – if your building is gone, it’s better to have your data in another geographic location so you can access it remotely and keep on running.

Make sure you keep running, while your competitors scramble to get back online


Data Backup Tips

  1. Create a list that includes a list of files and folders that are important and you need to get back quickly .
  2. Schedule your backups to run as often as possible.  Most cloud backup solutions have the ability to set certain files to back up as soon as they are changed, this is great for those files that are most important..
  3. Make sure the cloud backup software is able to report to you that the backup failed, so you can rerun ASAP to stay up to date.


The features to look for in a cloud based online backup storage solution:


  • Automatic or Scheduled Backups
  • Triple encryption during the backup procedure
  • HIPAA compliance if needed
  • Local technical support
  • Can you access your files from anywhere?
  • Tailored Solutions for Individuals and Small/Medium/Enterprise Businesses


Next time: The Onsite Backup


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Bitback Incorporated : Our Manifesto

We here at Bitback believe everyone should have a mission statement. What we like to call our manifesto. A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. We stand behind these statements, and strive to follow them 100%.  We think it’s important for 2 reasons:

1. It’s public and accountable.

2. It lists definite intentions.


When a company publicly tells the world that they plan to do things a certain way, it helps you to understand where they are coming from. It helps you get a peek inside their mindset. Having no manifesto, oath or mission statement leaves it wide open for interpretation. They might as well say “we do things however we want, and we’re not too worried about what you think”. Do you still feel safe doing business with them?


Company A: “We fix your stuff.”

Company B: “ We stand behind our work 100%. We quote you up front, and that is what you will pay. Period.”


Which company would you choose?


Here’s mine, let me know in the comments if you have a manifesto or mission statement:


The Bitback Manifesto


1.     We believe that the Bitback system is the easiest data backup and restore solution out there. Period.

2.     We are not interested in selling a million Bitback boxes. We are interested in saving businesses one at a time. We will get to know our clients so we can better serve their needs proactively.

3.     We will handle the entire process from start to finish. We will constantly monitor our products to make sure they are backing you up. We will strive to know about problems before you call.

4.     If we do not believe your business can benefit from our product, we will not sell you one. Even if you write us a check, or beg.

5.     If we both decide to do business together – you become part of our family. If you have a question about anything, even non data related; call us. If you are worried about something; call us. Anytime.

So, that’s it let me know what you think.



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Bitback is HIPAA certified

Bitback is HIPAA certified

It’s true, our BitbackCloud is HIPAA certified and that really sets us apart from others in the online backup arena.

By the way we’re also: SAS-70, Sarbanes-Oxley, SSAE-16 and EU Safe Harbour certified as well.


Bitback Certifications

Bitback Certifications



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What is Unlimited Versioning?


The Bitback Box and Bitback Cloud Backup is proud to help keep your data secure, at all times. Once your data is backed up, Bitback believes it should stay in a backed up state. This is why all of our plans – for business and for home – offer unlimited versioning.

What is unlimited versioning and why should I care?

1. The momentary lapse. 

We’ve all had that moment – we accidentally close down an application before we’ve saved what we were working on it. Perhaps you spilled coffee on your keyboard. Accidents like this are what cause most data loss. Which is why having a backup of all versions of your document on an hourly basis is important. Keeping all of those ‘versions’ forever, is also key.

2. Fire up the time machine.

Unfortunately we can’t go back in time, or can we? With Bitback Cloud you can go back to any version or any file at any time. Would you like to know what changes you made to a Word document you created in 2009? Not a problem, because you used a Bitback Box, Bitback Cloud or a hybrid of both and they have unlimited versioning.

3. Compliance

If you run a business, you know that complying with regulations can be a complicated issue between your customers, you, and the government.  Some regulations can involve or even require online backup. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS-70, SSAE-16 or EU Safe harbor just to name a few. Many regulations require truly unlimited versioning to be a part of your company’s data backup process. They require that you can go back to your data at any time, from anywhere – and that you’ll never lose it.

Have questions about unlimited versioning with Bitback Backup?  Click here. Bitback does not limit its versioning capabilities to 30 days, like other companies we won’t mention. All of your backed up file versions are stored safely with Bitback for as long as you like. You are always in charge.


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5 Things To Look For In An Online Backup

Backups here in Apex NC are the same as Topeka Kansas or Peking China. For the most part data is data is data – bits are bits. So here are 5 things you need to look for in an online backup.


  1. Security – Make sure that the online backup software you purchase encrypts your data, both locally and over the internet. Also make sure it is encrypted on the cloud server. This is important so the nobody can intercept your data and take a look at it.


  1. Versioning – Make sure your backup keeps unlimited versions, most keep 30 days. What is versioning? When you make a change to a file say, delete a row in a spreadsheet, you save that file thus creating a new version. You backup software should detect that change and back that file up again as a new version. This way, when you realize you should not have deleted that row you can restore the earlier version with the row of data still there.



  1. Upload / Download speed – The speed of the backup is important. Backing up 500GB of data can take 2-3 weeks on a normal connection. Imagine the software company you use throttles that in half. Go with the fastest backup and restore you can find. Otherwise you may be down for days while you retrieve your backups.


  1. Support – Does your backup company have good support? Test them out first by emailing the support department and monitor how they do. If you’re not happy, move on down the road to another company. Better yet, choose a local company that can visit onsite, see your specific needs and create a backup plane crafted for you and your business.



  1. Archiving – When you delete a file locally, how long does it stay in the cloud? Is it deleted on the next sync? Most companies keep their files for 30 days, than poof, they’re gone. Look for companies with unlimited archiving.

Did you notice that price was not one of the 5 items to look for?  That’s because if you can find a backup company with these 5 things – price shouldn’t matter as much.  How much would you pay to have all of your data restored if it was corrupted or stolen? As much as you needed to get back up and running, guaranteed.  So worry about the features you need, and the data will take care of itself.

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The Hybrid backup: The Best Of Both Worlds

The hybrid online backup (usually referred to as  hybrid cloud  backup) is a backup method that combines a  local on-site backup with an offsite cloud backup. So if you just need some files back, you use the local to restore. If you had a fire, you rely on the offsite cloud based backup.


Online backups are great, but as I have said before, they are only good for certain instances. Online backups are for when your business site is incapacitated or destroyed in some way. The cloud is also useful for gaining access to your files from the road. Keep in mind that only 1% of data losses are due to a natural disaster, (fires, floods etc.)  So 99% of the time  you need to do a data restore but your business site is unaffected. On-sites are also usually image based – which means you can restore an entire machine, not just your files.


Another example for having an on-site setup: Let’s say over a year you have uploaded 1Tb of financials, inventories, receipts, bank statements, customer lists and some databases. If you have a T-1 internet connection, it will take 1 month to get that data back. If however, you have a local backup, you can get this data back in minutes (not weeks).


A hybrid backup is the best of both worlds. A local backup for data loss without business structural damage; an online backup for the unthinkable, total business damage. For 99% of the time you can recover quickly, for the other 1% of the time your data can be accessed while you rebuild, and then you can start the long restore process.


What are your competitors doing? If they are in the same geographical location, and a hurricane blows through destroying property; you can jump to the top as you keep on trucking without much interruption. Just like Forest Gump when the hurricane destroyed his competitions shrimp boats. Not something we would ever wish for, but something we should be prepared for. And with a hybrid backup you will be.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You can always contact us for free advice!


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Bitback Gives a Bit Back

It’s that time of year to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Whether it’s a fund raiser for a School, Cub Scout Troop or local non-profit, we would like to help.

This year Bitback is offering churches, schools and other non-profits a way to help with their fundraising. By using our products and referring them to others, non-profits get around 20% of the profits every month – for as long as people back up their stuff! So this can help to raise money long after the holiday season is over. We think it’s a win-win.

For example a church with 100 parishioners has 25 of their members use our product to back up their PC’s at home. And they happen to tell 25 friends who also decide to use it. Every month Bitback will donate $100 to that church (50 users X $2). More users will mean more money, so we have had places actively sell to neighbors and friends; raising well over $100 a month, every month. It’s more management for us (and we make less) but we think it’s worth it.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Let us know if you can think of other ways to help!

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