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Ulla B. IT Manager

Our company Aerocrine Inc. has used Bitback for over 3 years for data backups and Help Desk Support. They are a great company and I highly recommend them.

Ulla B. IT Manager


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T. A. from Brookfield

My PC was slow and Dave from BitBack cleaned it up and now it’s faster without all of the errors. Would definately use this company again. Dave was friendly and professional and answered all my questions in terms I could understand.

T.A. from Brookfield

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Alex B. from Perimeter Park

I got a virus on my computer that said I needed to pay a ransom to get it unlocked!! Called BitBack because it’s local and they fixed it in less than 2 hours.

Alex B. from Perimeter Park

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I have dedicated quite a lot of time on data backups (as you can probably tell by now).

But one thing I haven’t talked about is time itself. Many of you are starting or currently running a small business, whether it’s a nice office or your spare bedroom. How much time do you spend on things not business related? Things that do nothing to get a new client, or promote yourself in some way? Marketing, accounting and maybe even your computers. Every minute you spend fixing a PC, is a minute not spent making a phone call or trying to helping an existing client. 

Here’s my time formula:

What’s my time worth (multiplied by) the time needed on a certain project = cost of time.

For example I can work on a plumbing project for 10 hours, my time to me is worth $25 an hour. So that plumbing project is $250. If I can hire a plumber to do it for $250 – I hire the plumber, it’s a no-brainer. That’s my philosophy and it may not be yours. There is a trade-off that I must do – I have to spend 10 hours doing something to help my business grow. It might be calling someone to help them with free advice, contacting a local business to see if we can mutually benefit each other or working on improving my technology. 

And this is what I try to let anyone interested in my products know. Because let’s face it, backing up your stuff is seen as a no-brainer to most. They can and usually do handle it themselves. So I show them the math and let them make the decision. 1 broken PC, monitoring of their network and verifying backups are working can equal 15-20 hours a month. Multiply that by $10 an hour – and my service is taken care of. (This doesn’t even include the possible employee down-time.)

So think about your situation and see if maybe outsourcing some things makes good economic sense. I can certainly think of a few. “Fugeddaboutit” – delegate some of the non-business stuff and focus on growing.

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Case Study: Online Backup for a Local Dentist


Let’s say you’re a Dentist (or any medical field really) and you have business data;  X-rays, patient records, invoicing, insurance forms etc. How do you back it up and keep it safe? How do you back it up and still comply with that nasty ole HIPPA? It’s easy – find an online backup solution (or hybrid onsite-offsite solution) that is HIPPA compliant.

See? It’s easy.

There are some HIPAA requirements that need to be taken into account.

1.  The data must be stored offsite in the cloud, or another location owned by you; which can be expensive.

2.  It must be secure and use certain methods to maintain the integrity of the data.

3.  ANY business associates that a Dentist may interact with – that may have access to even (1) one patient record, needs to be HIPAA compliant.

At Bitback we were presented with this problem and we took it seriously.  We first met with the dental practice and reviewed the data they had, and the data of their business associates. Some associates were HIPAA compliant, others not.  Those that were stayed a partner, the others either complied or were ‘fired’.  Since Bitback is HIPPA compliant, storing the data was not an issue. What we needed to determine was what actually needed to be stored offsite. The less we stored, the less cost to the Dentist. We gave a thorough review of the data and came up with a plan that we could all agree on.  Which was good because the backup in place was an external hard drive plugged into 1 PC in the office.  If that hard drive died, the backups were gone. If there was a total disaster and the office itself was destroyed – everything was gone.

Patient names and addresses, what was owed to the dental practice, insurance claims in process, email; you get the picture.

Now the Dentist can sleep soundly knowing his data is safe. He receives a daily report, all the machines are backed up under 1 account. He can even access it when he’s on the golf course.


Thanks for Reading,



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Why I Was Crazy To Start a Backup Business


When I started out in 2009 most businesses were still using tape to back up their business. My system uses a dedicated appliance to help businesses save their ‘stuff’. It was original, cheaper than tape and it worked. Doing clone / image based backups of every machine in the business. PC’s and servers were back up and running in under an hour.

Then came the ‘cloud’.

I watched the development of the cloud closely. Was this going to be another Y2K? Or were cloud based backups a viable approach for a small business. Early versions of Carbonite and Mozy were clunky and often just failed when trying to restore. So I watched and waited. Eventually it became clear to compete I had to adopt online backup or cloud backups as a product I could sell. I researched many different technologies and finally settled on what is now known as Bitback Cloud.

Do I think cloud based is the best approach? No. I still firmly believe in hybrid backups. A local backup for speed of restore, and a cloud based option for total disaster recovery.

But I never saw what was to happen with the cloud. There are cloud backup companies cropping up daily. Free or very very cheap alternatives are flooding the market. It’s not good. For me or the customer. While getting a good deal is all and well, it means nothing if you can’t get your data back. If your data is not secure, than what have you got?

So today I compete against huge conglomerates who now in 2012 think cloud backups are the place to be.  Offering a cheap product and trying to just get clients not caring how many eventually leave, because they just keep getting more every day.

It’s wrong.

I get to know each and every one of my clients, I know their businesses and their business model. A dentist is much different than a CPA. I’m not going anywhere, and when the dust of lowered expectations settles I’ll still be servicing my clients. They are people I know, not just numbers on a sales sheet.

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An Online Cloud Backup: 5 Things to Look For


When you are thinking of a hybrid backup, or you simply want to use only cloud backup; look for these 5 things.

Thanks for watching – Mike


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Hackers Now Target Small, Mid-sized Businesses: Solution Is to Use Online Backups

Save data with online Backup

Small and medium-sized businesses are becoming easy targets for hackers. According to local information security experts, data breaches are on the rise at smaller organizations. It sort of makes sense – most small businesses don’t have the expertise or budget to protect themselves.


All companies that do business online are targets for cyber-criminals. Regardless of their size, businesses need web security and technology experts on staff, but this is pretty impractical. The solution – outsource IT tasks. Need router help, hire a Cisco or Sonicwall expert. Need data retention and protection hire a managed service provider that does online or hybrid backups.

“The hacker community is smart. They have realized that this group of small and medium-sized businesses doesn’t have the capabilities that some of the larger organizations have and they become very easy targets,” said Vikram Sethi, director of the Wright State Institute of Defense Studies and Education.

The average U.S. data breach last year cost companies $194 per compromised record, according to the 2011 Cost of a Data Breach Study: United States released by the Poneman Institute, a Michigan-based privacy research center.

The total cost of a data breach for a small company can range from $25,000 to more than $250,000, these number do not  include federal regulatory fines. Most small companies are considered easy picking, and they eventually will get targeted.

Smaller organizations can take steps to protect themselves by:

–      Using anti-virus software

–      Using anti-spyware and anti-malware

–      Implementing a firewall

–      Backing up their data to a secure off site location.

In all cases the cost for a company to recover from a data breach is more than likely greater than the cost of protecting their information in the first place. And they will have a recovery plan in place.

Thanks for reading,


It is a complex online world and small businesses need some guidance. We can help.

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Can Your Business and it’s Backup Plan Survive a Hurricane?

Protect Your Business Data From Hurricanes

All was sunny on that nice September day…until the weather turned and the hurricane hit. A category three hurricane hit the city, killing power, damaging roofs and causing flooding. It was at this point, that one company discovered that its backup plan was inadequate against a total loss of the structure and the company lost critical financial data, IP, customer records, etc. The company tried to get back to normal, but 1 year later they were still struggling to keep their head above water (no pun intended)


This is obviously a worst case scenario, but the story shows the importance of being and staying prepared for a hurricane (or other disaster), because you never know when a bad storm or fire or flood may occur. And, with this year’s hurricane forecast  predicting 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two category-three hurricanes or higher, businesses need to feel confident that they know where their critical data is backed up and how to recover it.  According to the Ponemon Institute, nearly 50 percent of the 600 U.S. companies surveyed still fear substantial downtime in the event of a disaster. Are you one of them?

Even Virtual Machines Need Love

After a disaster, having a backup and recovery solution that only protects physical IT environments isn’t enough. It’s important to have a backup solution and plan that addresses all types of environments, including virtualization. A natural disaster such as a hurricane does not care if your servers are physical or virtual. And neither should your backup plan.

Off To the Cloud We Go

To save your physical business location data – move it somewhere else.  Seems like a simple solution, but many companies are still not protecting themselves in a different geographic location. So get an account with a cloud provider you trust and work on moving everything (as a backup) to the cloud. Online cloud backup providers are not all the same – find one that gets to know you and your business, contact them and meet first.  See if it is a good fit. Don’t just pick the cheapest one, google reviews, crashes, hacks, etc.

Sometimes Nature Bytes

“Nobody fools with Mother Nature” as the saying goes. Take it to heart and back up your stuff.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment!


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The New Bitback Cloud – The Best online Backup

There are many online backup service providers out there. Bitback adds members, while the big names gather the masses. They look for numbers and money and they have lost sight of what’s most important; saving businesses from ruin and consumers from heartache when their data is lost at the local level.

We get to know each and every business, from a child psychologist in Michigan to a home owner in the UK. We know them by name, and we are her to help.

Come and join the Bitback family.


Thanks for reading,


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    My PC was slow and Dave from BitBack cleaned it up and now it’s faster without all of the errors. …{ Read the Rest }

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