Bitback rant #1: I Hate Insurance

(Edit) – I do not condone cancelling your insurance!

Hate is a strong word. But I (really dislike) insurance. I do not enjoy paying for something completely intangible, like insurance. Just paying and paying…until I need it. And therein lies the rub.

I was thinking about this the other day looking at my homeowner’s insurance bill (and it’s rather large balance) and I realized with a shock; that I myself am in the insurance business. Isn’t data backup like insurance? Or a seat belt (that costs money every month)?

Cloud backup is a storage area for the companies’ records; that provides no business value. It costs energy for the machine. It takes time to verify that everything did indeed back up. But it just sits there…until you need it…just like insurance.

Case in point: I went to see a potential client last year and we went through the set up that was currently in place. He had a 1 TB hard drive plugged into a PC that all the other PC’s sent data to via some command line scripts. We discussed what I had to offer and after a bit of back and forth, the meeting ended. He eventually decided to keep what he had (really bad insurance). As you may have predicted, he called me several months later with a horror story about his back up not restoring and he lost 60% of his files. We agreed to set up another meeting; where I will tell him to please choose a better strategy. It doesn’t have to be mine, but he needs something better.

I thought to myself: I can buy cheaper insurance, but if it only pays me 40% of what it promised, is it worth it?

I’m paying my insurance bill as soon as I post this.

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