Bitback Incorporated : Our Manifesto

We here at Bitback believe everyone should have a mission statement. What we like to call our manifesto. A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. We stand behind these statements, and strive to follow them 100%.  We think it’s important for 2 reasons:

1. It’s public and accountable.

2. It lists definite intentions.


When a company publicly tells the world that they plan to do things a certain way, it helps you to understand where they are coming from. It helps you get a peek inside their mindset. Having no manifesto, oath or mission statement leaves it wide open for interpretation. They might as well say “we do things however we want, and we’re not too worried about what you think”. Do you still feel safe doing business with them?


Company A: “We fix your stuff.”

Company B: “ We stand behind our work 100%. We quote you up front, and that is what you will pay. Period.”


Which company would you choose?


Here’s mine, let me know in the comments if you have a manifesto or mission statement:


The Bitback Manifesto


1.     We believe that the Bitback system is the easiest data backup and restore solution out there. Period.

2.     We are not interested in selling a million Bitback boxes. We are interested in saving businesses one at a time. We will get to know our clients so we can better serve their needs proactively.

3.     We will handle the entire process from start to finish. We will constantly monitor our products to make sure they are backing you up. We will strive to know about problems before you call.

4.     If we do not believe your business can benefit from our product, we will not sell you one. Even if you write us a check, or beg.

5.     If we both decide to do business together – you become part of our family. If you have a question about anything, even non data related; call us. If you are worried about something; call us. Anytime.

So, that’s it let me know what you think.



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