Bitback Gives a Bit Back

It’s that time of year to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Whether it’s a fund raiser for a School, Cub Scout Troop or local non-profit, we would like to help.

This year Bitback is offering churches, schools and other non-profits a way to help with their fundraising. By using our products and referring them to others, non-profits get around 20% of the profits every month – for as long as people back up their stuff! So this can help to raise money long after the holiday season is over. We think it’s a win-win.

For example a church with 100 parishioners has 25 of their members use our product to back up their PC’s at home. And they happen to tell 25 friends who also decide to use it. Every month Bitback will donate $100 to that church (50 users X $2). More users will mean more money, so we have had places actively sell to neighbors and friends; raising well over $100 a month, every month. It’s more management for us (and we make less) but we think it’s worth it.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Let us know if you can think of other ways to help!

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