Bitback Cloud online backup version 5.3 – free upgrade!


Online cloud backup version 5.3

Online cloud backup version 5.3

Just a short update today:

Bitback Cloud PC  Version 5.3 rolled out last week. On our quest to continue to develop award-winning online backup software, we’ve added several features that our business and enterprise users will find very, very useful.

  • IT administrators can now define and backup network locations
  • We have again improved the speed of initial backup
  • And, our engineers have made some code changes to improve the speed of subsequent backups

These upgrades are free (as always) and can be found here: User guides and downloads  at our sister site bitback  download for free – or upgrade from an earlier version

We’re continuing to develop enhancements and improvements to make your online backups easier, faster, and more intuitive. We love to get your feedback.



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