Bitback – Perfecting the Hybrid Backup Since 2009

Many backup companies today are missing the point of a backup. The point is we need our backups safe but we also need to restore said backups quickly. If we put everything on-site we get it back in a timely fashion, but lose it all in a fire (or other natural disaster). If we backup everything online we are safe from the fire, but it may take 4 days to download our Exchange database. So the answer to this dilemma is the Hybrid Backup.

The hybrid does both of the above – images of all systems are kept local (and all the files they contain) for ease of restore. Is your PC down? Well, with an image based backup it’s restored in under an hour. Critical files are stored in an online / cloud backup situation for the 3% of the time that your data is lost due to a disaster flattening your building. Files online can also be accessed, shared and restored from anywhere.

Does it cost more? Maybe.  Some backup services allow a local backup and a cloud based backup to be created from the same piece of software, so the price is the same as just an online option. An image based backup, usually requires a local storage area to store those large system image files. You can utilize a local PC or server, or you can purchase an appliance (with some sort of RAID implemented for safety) to handle the job.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Your data is your most valuable asset, so keep it safe however you have to. The hybrid backup is one of the safest ways there is.


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