Bitback’s Online and On-Site Backup Solutions for You and/or Your Business

Bitback’s Online and On-Site Backup Solutions for You and Your Business

Looking at your business asset’s – is there one you cannot afford to lose? Own a Pizza restaurant, it may be your pizza oven. An Accountant might say his spreadsheet software. A Dentist might say his dental tools. Did anybody say their data? How long could you survive without your main computer? If your building lost power, could you operate? Having a downed server is really the same thing.


Why companies lose their data:

  • Drive Failures (38 %)
  • Drive Read Instability (30 %)
  • Software Issues (13 %)
  • User Error (12 %)
  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, Flooding, Fire, etc. (7%)

Whether we want to or not we accumulate a large amount of data in the form of documents, photographs, videos, emails and other data that are important to us. Most data can be lost without a problem, while other stuff (wedding photo’s, tax returns) is irreplaceable. Your business data as well as personal financial documents often stay stored on our computers for years while we believe we have a good backup in place. Having this data available at a moment’s notice is an important part of doing business.


“If a Tornado took out your home or business, could you get your data back?”


Online/Cloud backup solutions are becoming more and more popular as a safe, secure, and effective way to protect your data away from your home or business – if your building is gone, it’s better to have your data in another geographic location so you can access it remotely and keep on running.

Make sure you keep running, while your competitors scramble to get back online


Data Backup Tips

  1. Create a list that includes a list of files and folders that are important and you need to get back quickly .
  2. Schedule your backups to run as often as possible.  Most cloud backup solutions have the ability to set certain files to back up as soon as they are changed, this is great for those files that are most important..
  3. Make sure the cloud backup software is able to report to you that the backup failed, so you can rerun ASAP to stay up to date.


The features to look for in a cloud based online backup storage solution:


  • Automatic or Scheduled Backups
  • Triple encryption during the backup procedure
  • HIPAA compliance if needed
  • Local technical support
  • Can you access your files from anywhere?
  • Tailored Solutions for Individuals and Small/Medium/Enterprise Businesses


Next time: The Onsite Backup


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