Backup: Do You know What You Are Doing?

It’s a serious question. When it comes to data safety, do you know what you are doing? How do you know? Have you tested your strategy? If so, you’d be in a very small minority. Most people don’t test their backup strategy until they need it in real life.

Let’s say you back up your email. If you have Outlook, you back up the .pst file. So after you’ve rebuilt your PC (140,000 will fail this week) – how do you get that mail back into Outlook? (Here’s how in case you wondered), here’s another way. It’s not that straightforward.

Let’s say you use some branded software to run your business. It tracks everything and puts it in a database file that sits on your PC. The PC crashes. Do you still have that original software to re-install? Do you have the license key? Do you know how to import the database?

All of these things take time. Time not spent answering the phone, helping a customer or just relaxing with the family. Hire someone to do this for you, just like you would a plumber or an electrician (if you don’t happen to be one). Ask questions, they should answer for free and be happy to do so. They should also ask you many questions before they even bring up money or sales. How can they know if their service is good for you, until they know more about what you do and how you do it? They can’t.

If you don’t have a backup strategy; get one. If you do have a backup strategy; test it.  If you need help ask for it. I always give free advice. Thanks for listening!


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