8 Business Backup Mistakes and What to Do To Fix Them: Part 4 (Final)


Issues #7 and #8

7  Automatic Scheduling of backups  – unless you have plenty of time on your hands to manually back up each PC/Server/Laptop/Mac that you use in your business; you have to have automated scheduling. Set it and forget it – just like a rotisserie cooker. This coincides with issue #6 above. You have to be alerted to problems, and daily reports sent to your email, is the way to do it. Most backup clients have scheduling these days and it can be set to run at a  minimum every hour. Since most only back up the file changes, this is not a big deal.

7a.  CDP (Continuous Data Protection) –  Another function that goes along with this is CDP. This means that the moment a file is changed, it is backed up. Make a change – it’s saved to the cloud.  We had a client once that needed raw data files created by a lab instrument to be saved automatically. This took care of that for them automatically.

8 Backups of Databases –  Not all backup software handles databases such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and SQL Server correctly. They can back up the database backups themselves, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Some backup companies have products that are specifically made for Exchange, SQL , Sharepoint and Server versions. They have granular and transactionally consistent backups. Which means you can restore a single message or an entire mail store. Which also means you can restore SQl and Sharepoint databases to the last transaction performed. Which may be important for your business.

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