60 Percent of Small Businesses Fail Because of This One Thing

Disaster Recovery
Can Your Business Survive This?

A study was conducted by the Gartner Group and they found that if your business suffers major data loss – you have only a 40% chance of surviving. That’s some pretty sobering news. Most business owners I talk to don’t believe it. So I came up with a test for them to try on their own:

1. Locate the single most important PC or server in your business.
2. Power it down, for 24 hours.
3. Was your business affected?

I would guess 70% of the time the #1 reaction is: “But I can’t do that, how would I conduct business?…Oh wait, I get it”

For those of you that decide to try this; if this was no big deal, than count yourself lucky. However, if it was extremely inconvenient or happened to cause discomfort for you or a client, then here is some advice:

1. Back up your stuff!

2. Test that backup often. Because backing it up is only 10% of the equation. The other 90% is making sure you can get it back in a timely manner!

3. Test your restore (see #2).  How long did it take? Can your business live with that?

This is also a great way to see where your vulnerabilities are. Was it problems with vendors, customers or both? Did it affect your accounting system? Phone system (VOIP)? What did you do as a workaround? Write these items down, it’s a great basis for a detailed disaster recovery plan.

Good luck and keep backing up! As always contact me with any questions and leave a comment.

For those of you that tried…I’ll bet you a free disaster recovery plan that you didn’t go the whole 24 hours.


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