5 Things To Look For In An Online Backup

Backups here in Apex NC are the same as Topeka Kansas or Peking China. For the most part data is data is data – bits are bits. So here are 5 things you need to look for in an online backup.


  1. Security – Make sure that the online backup software you purchase encrypts your data, both locally and over the internet. Also make sure it is encrypted on the cloud server. This is important so the nobody can intercept your data and take a look at it.


  1. Versioning – Make sure your backup keeps unlimited versions, most keep 30 days. What is versioning? When you make a change to a file say, delete a row in a spreadsheet, you save that file thus creating a new version. You backup software should detect that change and back that file up again as a new version. This way, when you realize you should not have deleted that row you can restore the earlier version with the row of data still there.



  1. Upload / Download speed – The speed of the backup is important. Backing up 500GB of data can take 2-3 weeks on a normal connection. Imagine the software company you use throttles that in half. Go with the fastest backup and restore you can find. Otherwise you may be down for days while you retrieve your backups.


  1. Support – Does your backup company have good support? Test them out first by emailing the support department and monitor how they do. If you’re not happy, move on down the road to another company. Better yet, choose a local company that can visit onsite, see your specific needs and create a backup plane crafted for you and your business.



  1. Archiving – When you delete a file locally, how long does it stay in the cloud? Is it deleted on the next sync? Most companies keep their files for 30 days, than poof, they’re gone. Look for companies with unlimited archiving.

Did you notice that price was not one of the 5 items to look for?  That’s because if you can find a backup company with these 5 things – price shouldn’t matter as much.  How much would you pay to have all of your data restored if it was corrupted or stolen? As much as you needed to get back up and running, guaranteed.  So worry about the features you need, and the data will take care of itself.

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