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Case Study: Online Backup for a Local Dentist

  Let’s say you’re a Dentist (or any medical field really) and you have business data;  X-rays, patient records, invoicing, …{ Read the Rest }

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Why I Was Crazy To Start a Backup Business

  When I started out in 2009 most businesses were still using tape to back up their business. My system …{ Read the Rest }

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An Online Cloud Backup: 5 Things to Look For

  When you are thinking of a hybrid backup, or you simply want to use only cloud backup; look for …{ Read the Rest }

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  • “What if…..”

    What if we get a virus, and one of our computers crashes and we lose all our information?

    With Bitback, itʼs not a problem. When your Bitback box is installed, it will back up everything on all of your …{ Read the Rest }

  • Testimonials

    They actually listened to what I wanted, and created a backup plan around my specific needs. Very refreshing.

    ‘RTP Pharmaceutical Company’ RTP NC